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Orange gives power to the pedals during Mobility Week 

11 October 2023

From September 16 to 22, 2023, the 22nd European Mobility Week took place under the theme "Save Energy". This campaign aims to reduce pollution by promoting active transport and alternatives to the car. At Orange, we love a challenge, so we put our best ‘feet’ forward to cycle towards a more sustainable world.

To be honest, we love cycling so much that we didn't just hop on our bikes for Mobility Week. This year, we decided to kick things off with some extra sporty initiatives, starting with a free bike check-up in May. This way, every colleague could start the summer cycling madness with a bike in tip-top shape.

Bike to Work: good for health and society 

What if... we asked Orange colleagues to join us on a crazy journey that would result in them cycling 70,000 kilometers? Well, a lot of them got really enthusiastic and took part in this sustainable challenge. From 15 May to 22 September, we encouraged everyone at Orange to cycle to work. Why? Because it's not only good for your health, it also helps Orange Belgium achieve its goal of reducing CO2 emissions. 

Knowing that some things are easier said than done, we created a 'Bike to Work' channel on Teams where we gathered useful information, such as cycling routes curated by our bike coaches. These coaches were also always available to answer questions about the challenge and cycling in general. As an additional motivation, we promised to donate €3,500 each to Natagora and Natuurpunt - two associations working to protect nature and prevent biodiversity loss - if the 70,000 km was reached.  
Over 200 colleagues joined forces to make sure we achieved the ambitious goal. Another great example of the commitment of everyone at Orange. We’re #ProudToBeOrange, once again.

Pretty in sustainable pink 

Our colleagues at VOO are not afraid of a challenge either. Throughout the month of May, colorful VOO cargo bikes crossed the center of Liège. Behind the wheel were home installation technicians. Of course, this playful initiative was not just about sports. It was part of a bigger picture: improving the customer experience, reducing the company's carbon footprint, and finding solutions to the city's traffic problems.  
The results were unanimously positive. The technicians were relieved to escape the traffic jams and the customers were happy to be served quickly and to see VOO's commitment to the environment. We're now looking into the possibility of repeating this experiment in Liège and maybe even extending it to other cities such as Namur, Mons, Brussels and Charleroi.

Sporty summer break

Last but not least, for the 8th year in a row, a group of athletic colleagues from Orange Belgium and its subsidiaries organized a cycling trip. From June 1 to 4, 24 brave cyclists tackled daily rides between 55 and 136 km, including beautiful sunshine, altimeters, 3 flat tires, liters of water and a lot of fun! Visits to Reims Cathedral and the Castellane vineyard, as well as the many cozy restaurants, probably contributed to the great atmosphere. That's how we roll at Orange. 


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