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Orange made its colleagues turn up their radio this holiday season

Putting our talent in the spotlight

All year round, we marvel at how much talent there is within the Orange family. We are so grateful that our colleagues give their best every day, so we wanted to give them something special in return: a platform that celebrates and highlights their unique talents.

That is why we made sure our radio show made it possible for our best baker to pass on his mouth-watering cake to the entire studio crew. Two members of our Orange Band also took the stage to share their experience of their crazy musical adventure at Orange. In short, Orange considers itself lucky to be surrounded by so much talent!

Recap of an impressive year

The Orange Christmas Radio event also provided the perfect opportunity to reflect on an impressive 2021. After all, this year did not come without its challenges. The access to digital technologies and communication channels has only become more important. Even our own radio show is a testament to that statement. Fortunately, Orange does not shy away from any challenge. That is why we invited an inspiring speaker from our communications department to talk about our commitment to achieve digital inclusion for all. While we heard them speak passionately about our common goals, Orange is already looking forward to what the future will bring.

Generosity galore

What tied together every aspect of our radio program - and our entire 2021 for that matter - was the endless generosity of our Orange family. The countless good causes that our colleagues supported with great enthusiasm throughout the year are proof of this: entire teams volunteered to help those affected by the floods and hundreds of employees took part in our big end-of-year tombola for the Pelicano Foundation. The heart of Orange swells with pride knowing that our family spreads so much kindness and generosity in the world. Orange will therefore always make it a priority to take care of its amazing people and fully support their initiatives and ideas, today and in the future.


However, we could go on and on about how great the Orange Christmas Radio event was. So, let's leave it at that and share some of our festive holiday cheer through our magical aftermovie. 


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