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Orange promotes the fulfillment of its collaborators

Orange promotes the fulfillment of its collaborators

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the last few years, it’s how resilient we all are. However, balancing work, home life and well-being can be a challenge in today’s world. That is why, at Orange, we pay special attention to both our colleagues’ physical and mental health. After all, if our employees are healthy and happy, so are we. 

Understanding what’s going on with our current employees and how they are doing is the first step toward developing a solid well-being approach. That is why we created the "It’s all about you" internal campaign, which used playful questions to find out more about our employees and offered a number of engaging activities around well-being. We also enlisted the help of Oh My People, who specialize in supporting organizations and people in building resilience and coping with stress, to assess how our people and teams were really feeling. Using evidence-based data, we were able to map out well-being at Orange and start deploying a powerful action plan to further support employees, teams and the organization to take care of their wellbeing. 

But we did not stop there. Our initiatives continued, with our Thriving Day on the 24th of January as the absolute highlight. It was a day devoted to talent: our employees discovered all the solutions around individual and team development that we offer. Solutions to get to know each other better (including themselves!), (re)discover their (team) competencies and broaden their expertise as an individual, a team and as an organization. 

With these various initiatives we’ve come to realize, more than ever before, that performance, development, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) and well-being are all interconnected. That is why it’s Orange’s mission to help each and every employee feel better in their role, their team and in society. We can be proud of what we’ve already achieved (and so can you!), but make no mistake: we’re just getting started. There’s still plenty of initiatives coming up. 

After all, happiness, success and prosperity are best when shared. So, the more we promote our employees’ well-being, the better Orange becomes. Let’s go for it … together!


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