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Orange Belgium transforms Antwerp into an augmented city!

25 August 2022

Orange Belgium transforms Antwerp into an augmented city!

Orange is a pioneer in 5G technology. The first 5G test hub we launched years ago in the port of Antwerp is proof of that! However, this year, we are taking 5G in Antwerp to the next level with Augmented City, a mobile application that guides visitors through a 3.2 kilometers interactive augmented reality tour of Antwerp. From the Grote Markt to the MAS ... all these historic landmarks come to life on your smartphone thanks to our 5G-supported augmented reality technology!

The experience was developed based on pre-recorded panoramic views of Antwerp. While the app was initially designed to introduce the speed and high-quality data of 5G, it also runs on 4G and is compatible with every smartphone regardless of their network requirements or operator. The experience is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play and is available in Dutch and French.

Orange Belgium is a proud partner of the Tall Ships Races 2022!

From July 22 to 24, we set sail to even more 5G-driven innovation in Antwerp! As a proud partner of the Tall Ships Races 2022, we welcomed visitors at Ecopolis to let them try out 5G-powered demos that showcase our dedication to innovative and sustainable initiatives. Experiences included a virtual reality immersion inside Notre-Dame de Paris to (re)discover the magnificent cathedral before the tragic fire of 2019.


In collaboration with Cropland, Orange Belgium also helped the city of Antwerp monitor the visitors with their award-winning Crowd Monitoring service.


During the summer, our Demo Trailer follows the Belgian coast to demonstrate the possibilities of 5G through various animations. Among other things, visitors will be able to enjoy online gaming demos of the action-adventure game Sea of thieves.


In short, our leadership in 5G technology makes us feel very #ProudToBeOrange  this summer in Antwerp and beyond!

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